December 22, 2015

I have been obsessed with mixing for ages. Just experimenting with sound in different ways, working on things I'm not satisfied with in the mix, and seeing "what happens when I do this?".

Lately I have been working on getting the bass and the kick drum to play nicely. Not all day every day of course. But over time it has been many, many hours.

When I am in the studio, the focus has mostly been on getting the bass to be loud enough, but not too loud or boomy, and without masking the kick drum.

I want the kick drum to be clear and powerful, but not overpowering.

Side chain ducking works well, but now that I have moved inside a computer I had to learn how to do that simple trick all over again. That took a lot of work for me to figure out how to do it in Reaper. It helps a lot.

Scooping out the low end mud at the bottom (of bass and organ) and using a high pass filter to remove low frequencies from all of the other tracks, leaves more room for kick drum and bass.

But I suppose I am a bit picky, and finding just the right tone and clarity has been quite elusive, and a fun but frustrating challenge. I think I have achieved a nice blend of the two, without having to make the kick drum bright with tons of treble and attack, like on a Metallica recording.

I have been slow with progress after the transition to computer, because it was in some ways like starting over learning how to record and mix due to the controls to interface the software being on a computer monitor and controlled with a computer mouse.

The first two Omani singles (Positivity and Never Give Up) have been my first official releases done using a computer for mixing and editing, instead of traditional studio tools. Never Give Up was done with drum software and even the tracking was done through a computer interface. I wasn't really happy with the tone and punch on either song, despite spending tremendous amounts of time. And the blend of bass and kick drum was not something I was satisfied with. I knew I could do better, and that bothered me.

Also, due to my creative and curious nature, along the way I've been sidetracked and explored manipulating sound in the digital realm, and learning how best to exploit the functionality available with digital tools, and how to get a less sterile sound with all of that new found fidelity and headroom.

But this year, in 2016, I hope to be releasing at least several new tracks, if not completing the debut Omani album. I'm very pleased with the sounds I'm able to produce, and I'm ready to move forward with sharing my music with the world, and presenting it in the best form I can.

         December 22, 2015

2015 has been a great year of change, with experimentation, and branching out with other projects. Between solo, and duo, and trio, and full band shows, there was a total of 21 Omani paid gigs this year.

That's not to mention 31 paid gigs with Cool and Easy, my other project with Andrew Nack of Cali Nation, and a few other free shows.

Had two really great full band shows at Moe's Alley this year, and finally got some decent video of the new set, and several of my new songs (songs written over the last several years but we never got to play). Sold out show opening for Lee Perry was epic, but so was opening for Michael Rose! Both were a blast and had a wonderful crowd for us, and it's always fun doing a show with DJ Spleece of Reality Sound International, plus Omani loves playing these packed shows at Moe's Alley every year.

I was able to move my recording studio out of my home and into a commercial space, for recording and rehearsal and to store my personal collection of gear, and have been able to pay for it with money from gigs.

The solo and duo and trio gigs are much easier to book, and don't require being super early for load in and sound check and being out late, and doesn't require the alignment of as many people's schedules.

This year has really opened my eyes to what is possible. Gonna keep riding this wave and see where it goes.

Going to ramp up for more band shows, and going to pursue the duo and trio and beyond, and probably even get into some live looping. The future is wide open.

         September 09, 2015

Wow!! What an absolutely epic show at Moe's Alley again. This time opening for Lee Scratch Perry and the Subatomic Sound System on the Dub Champions Festival Tour. Sold Out Show!!! Packed House!!!

The first EVER Omani 3 piece band live performance, and we tore it up like never before!!! We had our good friend Miles Stiler on the drums, with a tasty KAT 12 pad trigger, and an ipad with the dancehall air horn. And newcomer Josh Gretsinger tore it up on the 5 string Warwick bass and blew everyone away, despite this being his first paid gig ever!!! We had a blast dubbing it up and playing to a very enthusiastic crowd. The sing alongs and the energy was priceless. So many nice folks coming up after our set to say how much they enjoyed it. That is what makes it all worthwhile.

Got a few more Omani band shows coming up before the end of the year, now that I got bit by the bug again, and have a band ramped up with a new set list.

As gigs slow down for the winter, I am going to focus on recording and making the most of the studio, which I have not done much this year, except for practice, which the studio has been quite nice for. Solo practice has been better than when I had the studio at home. Duo practice at lunch occasionally, and a few weekend and evening practices and jams.

But no real serious studio recording and production time. Got some new tunes worked out and they need to be recorded too. So the album will have a mix of older Omani tunes and some newer ones.

It has been nice to finally play new songs, and I can't wait to have them available at the typical online retailers soon.

Thanks to everyone for all of the support and positive vibes and kindness. Stay tuned for some upcoming shows for Omani.

         July 02, 2015

This has been a whirlwind year for me. Got the new studio, got a new band duo Cool and Easy (, had solo gigs and duo gigs and gigs sitting in with other bands and gigs hosting the reggae jams, been learning how to do live looping and have begun acquiring new tools for expanding the possibilities of the live performance.

The tremendous support I've been fortunate to enjoy has been so extremely helpful in keeping motivated to keep moving forward through these transitions, and to enjoy the ride even if I don't fully know where I expect to arrive.

The horizons keep expanding and while I really do miss playing shows with a full band, I still can't believe how much fun I am having as a solo and duo.

The amount of time recording and mixing has been severely diminished by all of this. Adding to the ever growing list of excuses. But through all of this, as promised, there is still a nearly finished song waiting in the wings. Listen is all laid out, and mostly all tracked except for some re-tracking of vocals and lead guitar, and a relatively strong mix foundation is already carved out. Just having the time to lay down the vocals, on a day when vocals are sounding their best, has been a challenge. But I promise to release at least a single before end of 2015.

Be sure to catch me with my good friend Andrew Nack of Cali Nation ( when we perform as Cool and Easy, as well as Omani and Russ, another duo I perform with my good friend and Omani bassist Russell Vazquez (also bassist of Maneck and My Dad's iPod), and as I occasionally sit in with bands like One A Chord and Bert Taienao Javier and Cali Nation.

         March 02, 2015

The new studio is up and running, but still very much a work in progress. Not everything is moved in and set up yet, but it is functional for working in.

Omani solo gigs have been working out nicely, including two great shows opening for Big Mountain as a solo acoustic act. We did two shows, one at the infamous Mystic Theater in Petaluma, and one at Don Quixote's in Felton, with Big Mountain promoting their great new album "Perfect Summer", and also Rasun and the Struggle on the bill, as well as Omani as the opener, same line up at both shows.

Especially nice was Quino, lead singer of Big Mountain, joining me on stage to sing and play songs as a duet, just the two of us and our acoustic guitar. This was a very memorable moment for me and was the highlight of my experience.

Got some video footage of the solo material which will be posted as I have time to process it. Here is one video with Quino and Omani singing "Love Is The Only Way" by Big Mountain:
         January 08, 2015

The new year is upon us, and Omani is taking a new approach. One nice development is I am moving my private studio out of my home and into a leased location that is a little bit bigger, where there is no sound curfew. Not only a location for rehearsals, but also the place to finish recording the album. This of course requires the obligatory moving of gear to the new location. Tedious work, but it needs to get done.

There is also emerging a new era of Omani, with solo acoustic gigs coming up on the schedule. This affords a few more options. And also having other bands backing Omani, as several performances last year were sitting in with another band, like Cali Nation and One A Chord, and it was really fun, I expect this will become more common as well. This solo artist is not giving up on having an Omani band mind you, just opening more options and flexibility.

Another show is coming up with the legendary band Big Mountain, this time at Don Quixote's in Felton CA, near Santa Cruz.
Big Mountain, Rasun, and Omani. We had a blast last time, and really looking forward to this one too.
See show listing here

And the most notable new development, is a developing partnership for Omani to perform as a solo act opening for Big Mountain at more shows. Only one date so far, but we are hoping to collaborate further and explore some options like this.

Of course there is the ever forthcoming album. I promise, it really is coming. I wanted to finish it last year, but I had several more delays, and I just gotta roll with the punches. Plus, I just wasn't getting the sounds I wanted, and many of the songs really needed work, because they were good but not quite right. The songs have become more refined and greatly improved. So as I continue iterations of rewriting lyrics and melodies and beats and bass lines and chords, eventually I get the pieces of the composition that I want, but I still "hear" a sound or a tone in my head, and that is the sound I am trying to get. It takes time to dial it in. Once I decide on it, I still need to engineer the audio into reality.

So for now I will be releasing another single or two as I keep working on things. "Listen" is the track that is almost finished, but as I pack up the studio and finalize the deal to move in to a new location, audio production has been interrupted yet again. But this time for something which has a desirable outcome, the new studio!!! (yay!!). Wait until you hear this track!!! It has the best sound yet coming from Elastic Groove Studios. This will not disappoint.

Looking forward to what great things may lie ahead in this coming year. Here is to wishing for the very best.

Every single fan and casual admirer helps keep this fire burning, and I want to thank each one of you for your support and interest.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

         October 26, 2014

Omani had another great show at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz, opening for the world famous Big Mountain. Quino, and the entire band, were extremely humble and friendly, and gave the crowd two killer sets.

Quino joined Omani on stage at the end of our set while we covered "Love Is The Only Way" by Big Mountain. This is a new song on our new setlist, where we have added a handful of cover songs. We weren't going to play it that night, but Phil noticed it wasn't on their setlist and inquired if they were going to play it. Quino said we should play it and tell the crowd he approved. The rest is history.

You can see some video footage of it here:

Looking forward to the next time we work with these excellent musicians. You can learn more about Big Mountain here:

         September 22, 2014

We have another big show on the horizon. Big Mountain is coming to Moe's Alley and Omani will be the opening band, along with DJ Spleece of Reality Sound Int'l.

Still working on finishing up the album. There have been delays while the new studio is being built. But hopefully will be mixed and mastered before the end of the year, and discs will be pressed and an official release kick off will be planned.

Come like us on Facebook and stay up to date with Omani at

         September 15, 2014

Great show opening for Yellowman and the Sagittarius Band at Moe's Alley on Friday September 12, 2014.

Another chance to test drive the new material and break in our new members.

Jahdan was on point with his drumming and blessed us with his angelic harmonies. Ras Mike tickled the keys with just the right amount of nuance and flair. Russtafari laid down the low end and also delivered the beautiful harmonies. Phil Omani delivered some tasty new melodies and played guitar straight through a stock solid state amp due to some unforeseen equipment failures.

Still did not get to showcase Keep On Trying. It will be early in the set list at our next show for sure, which is tomorrow night at the Crow's Nest in Santa Cruz CA.

Still working on some more shows. Check here or facebook for show details, or sign up for our mailing list.

         July 30 2014

OMANI is still here and back stronger than ever!!

Omani took some time off to revamp the sound. Only had private gigs since Autumn 2013.

Had a great show at Moe's Alley opening for Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang with Bitty Mclean on Saturday July 26, 2014. It was a packed house with a great crowd. Omani unleashed a whole new set list and a new sound and some new blood in the band.

Some new Omani original tunes, and even added a nice new selection of cover songs to the mix.

Getting ready to ramp up some more public shows.

         August 19 2013


We truly appreciate your patience and support. It has been a long awaited release but the result was well worth it.

Please help Omani spread the word and share this information with your friends.

Big thanks to each and every one of you!!!

         July 17 2013

Well the Omani website news has not been updated regularly like the Facebook page has.

Obviously predicting release dates isn't accurate around here. And unfortunately there have been many delays along the way.

But alas, Never Give Up is very soon to be released, and the rest of the album is coming along nicely.

Transitioning into new tools and methodologies has been slow and slightly painful, but also liberating and empowering.

This album will be a long time coming but it will be totally worth it.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and inspiration.

         March 26 2013

NEVER GIVE UP --- Soon to be released. Final mix is done and now is being mastered. Soon available on iTunes and other online music retailers.

Already working on the next few tunes. We will have another new release very soon. The free download we have promised to have before the album is finished.

Stay tuned for more details. Thank you all for your love and support.

         December 05 2012

Been working on new songs, and revamping our existing songs, for quite some time now. Finally have arrangements and melodies the way I want them. Scratch tracks and demos galore, and realizing that the Omani debut album is almost ready to tracks and mix the official release songs.

This is obviously a labor of love. There has been no rush to hurry up and just "put something out there". Just a no pressure exploration of sounds and experimentation of editing techniques. All during a transition to mix on a computer instead of my nice console.

"Positivity" was the first ever track I mixed on a computer. It was been a steep learning curve, but it opened new possibilities, even if initially slowing progress down to a crawl.

So stay tuned, because your patience and support has been greatly appreciated.

         November 04 2012

Continually refining the songs and writing and developing new material, has led to a complete revamp of the Omani sound and tunes. It is time to step up our game and bring a heavy weight sound to our fans.

Been playing much less frequently while on this journey of growth and exploration. It will be worth the wait. We really do appreciate the support of our fans. Please hang in there.

Our next show is Saturday January 12 at Pier 23 in San Francisco. We may do one or two before that, but the focus is writing and recording over this winter break and a new CD next year!

         August 30 2012

Reflecting on 2012: It has been a pretty good year so far for Omani. We had a weekend show at the Catalyst in July, and played all of our usual haunts Moes Alley, Pier 23, Shattuck Down Low, and actually had a couple of local shows at Planet Gemini and Casa Sorrento for our Monterey and Salinas fans. A couple of BIG shows with Katchafire and Romain Virgo and Ikronik. Met a lot of cool singers,
musicians, and fans too.

But we have had a good year for private events too. Made sure to not overbook these and distract from the original music. But we had a cool birthday party earlier this spring where I had to get subs for bass, drums, and keys (which I've never done before) because Russ, Stevie, and Randy were busy. And we played again at Venteux Vineyards for their Paso Robles area Wine Industry event. We have a 60th bday party coming up in September.

Getting ready to hunker down and write and record this winter. All new material for next Spring. But well still have periodic shows before then! Things always come up.

Extremely blessed and pleased with the progress and development. Cant wait to see what happens next.......

         May 24 2012

We are proud to collaborate with our good friends One A Chord at the CALIFORNIA ROOTS FESTIVAL PRE PARTY in Monterey at Planet Gemini on Friday May 25.

We just played in Daly City with Servants. Last show with them was the Island Knights Summer Reggae Fest at Pier 23 last July. I'm sure we'll be doing more shows with Servants, they got a great sound.

Omani will return to Venteux vineyards for their Wine Industry Party on Thursday July 19th. An early evening event from around 5pm until around 9pm for the Paso Robles area wineries.

Omani's debut performance at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz is the next night on Friday July 20th with Militia Of Love. Let's go BIG for this one folks.

Been very busy editing video footage. Just released a new version of I Don't Want To Know from our April 2012 show at Moe's Alley with Katchafire. THE PLACE WAS PACKED. Had to be at least 300 people crammed in there. Absolutely EPIC! Awesome audience was really feeling it. This video shows the crowd packed up right against the front of the stage going back as far as you can see.

Should have some more videos posted soon. Finally decided that it's ok to release videos that aren't perfect. So be prepared for some shaky videos with poor audio quality and some with only partial songs. Some magical moments in some of the partials.

Still working on the new album. Should have a song or two ready for public consumption soon.

         April 12 2012

Another BIG show at Moe's Alley coming up on Tuesday April 17 with Katchafire, Omani, K'Nova, and DJ Moi.

Couldn't pass this one up, even while in slow down mode. Main focus is still finishing this album, but this was too good to miss for Omani.

Working on finding another guitarist/vocalist to bring into the mix, and get back to having three part harmonies again. Just gotta find the right person.

Though we are performing less often we keep getting great shows without pounding the pavement. When the album is done it will be time to really ramp up the schedule and promote the album with more live shows. But until then, it's going to be more of a holding pattern with occasional shows.

We truly appreciate our fans standing by us while the cocoon is being developed .....
Another BIG show at Moe's Alley coming up on Tuesday April 17 with Katchafire, Omani, K'Nova, and DJ Moi.

Couldn't pass this one up, even while in slow down mode. Main focus is still finishing this album, but this was too good to miss for Omani.

Working on finding another guitarist/vocalist to bring into the mix, and get back to having three part harmonies again. Just gotta find the right person.

Though we are performing less often we keep getting great shows without pounding the pavement. When the album is done it will be time to really ramp up the schedule and promote the album with more live shows. But until then, it's going to be more of a holding pattern with occasional shows.

We truly appreciate our fans standing by us while the cocoon is being developed .....

         March 12 2012

Our first headline show at Pier 23 was absolutely EPIC! The bay area has treated Omani quite well, and we LOVE playing throughout the bay area.

So on June 03 2012 OMANI returns to Shattuck Downlow in Berkeley for another Early Runnins show.

Also OMANI returns to headline at Pier 23 on Saturday June 23 2012. More details to come .....

Working on booking several other events this year as well as some strategic partnerships that are in the making.

The new full color 4x6 flyers are ready, with graphic design and layout credits going to Phil Cumiskey. The new Omani 2012 EPK is ready, and physical press kits will include the flyer, the new stage plot, new 8x10 black and white glossy band pic, band bio, and a music demo which includes the official release version of Positivity (the one released on itunes, rhapsody, amazon, etc)

All of this has only pushed recording and mixing time out of the picture, but only temporarily. Still writing new tunes and working on new material all the time. Next week will begin more devoted studio sessions to finalize some of the mixes and offer a free download to all NymphOMANIacs.

Stay tuned ......

         January 02 2012

Ready to start the new year right with a bay area reggae showcase at Pier 23 in San Francisco on Saturday January 07 2012. This is our first headliner show at Pier 23 and we are honored to be sharing the stage with our good friend Elias Gibson and also Militia Of Love.

Many things are in the works for 2012, including the completion of the long awaited album. Lots of new material that has never been performed live is still being developed and fine tuned. We are going to start a new street team development project as well, to help spread the word about Omani.

Your continued support is graciously appreciated and we hope to meet all your expectations and make you feel good and maybe even get you thinking about how we can all make this world a better place.

One Love

For booking in Hawaii and abroad, please contact our regional representative at EC Mgmnt Svcs:
Ekena Cox:
~ Direct: 808-989-0217.

         November 03 2011

This has been a transformational year for Omani. In fact the last year and a half have been dubbed "Omani version 2" as we have made some changes. Progress has been more subtle and less noticeable this year, but there have actually been many improvements. We didn't play nearly as many shows as in previous years, but all have been the kinds of shows we'd prefer to play. We refrained from booking any bar band and restaurant gigs. We've performed at the premier bay area venues where all the big name reggae acts play, like Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz , Pier 23 in San Francisco, Shattuck Downlow in Berkeley, and now Ashkenaz.. We had some wonderful private and semi-private gigs at locations such as the Ridgemark Country Club in Hollister, and at Venteux Winery in Paso Robles. In fact we've come to really enjoy the private shows we book. They keep us busy and take good care of us, and are loads of fun.

We've been holding off booking big events like festivals until the album is finished and can be promoted to larger audiences. But next year we'll be actively booking the festival type events.

There were a couple of cancellations this year, but only one was a public gig. We were so bummed when the Surfriders Foundation after party gig fell through. Omani continues to maintain a no cancellation policy, but unfortunately, sometimes the other party must cancel for their own reasons. We are proud to have never canceled a single show, ever.

We've picked up a new drummer, Randy Fard, who played his first gig at Moe's in January 2011. With Randy and original member Steve Sagrero on keys plus our long time bassie Russ Vazquez, we have a great group of musicians who play fluidly and in sync, which has allowed us to continue to improve and grow. We are ramping up for Omani 3.0.

Been very busy writing new material, and revamping the existing songs, but this reworking of music has prompted the revelation that waiting until the songs are redeveloped is the best idea. The album release will be so much more fulfilling and rewarding by getting things done in the best form as possible, rather than trying to meet some imaginary deadline. The result will speak for itself.

This has also changed the Hawaii plans. Better to wait until the new sound is all dialed in. Unless some great opportunity comes along, it will more than likely be in 2012 when Omani comes to Hawaii to promote the new album.

That's all for now. Can't wait to see what 2012 brings ....

         June 12 2011

CANCELED: Surfriders after party on Sat June 18 As you may already know, Omani has never canceled a single show. But sometimes things happen which are beyond our control and end up canceling an event. Unfortunately Surfriders Foundation made a slight oversight about their available funding and realized late that they actually do not have the financial support of a certain sponsor they were counting on, and therefore they cannot afford to hire Omani after all.

We regret this last minute change and we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause. Please understand that we do strive very hard to ensure that cancellations do not occur. We aren't thrilled about this turn of events, but Surfriders is a great organization, and mistakes do happen.

Omani is still scheduled for the Island Knights Reggae Festival for more fun in the Bay Area on Saturday July 2nd at Pier 23 in San Francisco.

         July 10 2011

Omani will be performing at Ridgemark Country Club on Saturday July 16th in Hollister. Live Music from 5pm til 9pm, Limbo Contest, BBQ, Special Drinks, plus Bill the Oyster Man.

Omani booked a return show in the East Bay at Shattuck Down Low in Berkeley Sunday Aug 21 2011. Special thanks to Irie Dole for all of his support..

Home improvements, a wonderful family, private gigs, a full time day job, and brainstorming a potential bio-diesel project have all conspired to further postpone any kind of serious progress in recording Humankind, but rest assured that the music for this album is still always brewing in my mind at all times. Stay tuned, I promise there is much more music to come .....

         May 11 2011

Got some cool shows coming up. (CANCELED: Surfriders after party on Sat June 18 at Harbor Cafe in Santa Cruz), and Sat July 2 at Pier 23 in San Francisco.

Almost finished with the new tune "Humankind". Soon it will be available for public consumption. Will it be a free internet download?

Recently there have been some new developments for the Fall 2010 Hawaii tour. Too early to commit to any specific details, so no dates or venues are posted at this time. It's looking like possibly mid to late August. Stay tuned for more at eleven .....

         April 08 2011

Omani is pleased to announce we will be performing at the International Surfing Day after-party, brought to you by the Santa Cruz chapter of the Surfrider Foundation..

Progress on "Let It Go" was interrupted by a new song, "Humankind". Debut performance at Shattuck Down Low on Sunday April 10th. Single to be released very soon. Check back for more details.

         March 12 2011

Omani is proud to make our debut at Shattuck Down Low in Berkeley Sunday March 10th. Special thanks to Irie Dole and Jah Warrior Shelter Hi Fi for inviting us to be part of the ongoing series: King of Kings Reggae Sundays (since 2001).

Omani is working on plans to tour in Hawaii. The thriving Hawaiian reggae scene, and even commercial radio support for reggae (such as Island 98.5 FM) make Hawaii an excellent audience for Omani.

The single "Positivity" was released in September and has been receiving nationwide airplay on radio stations such as KZSC (88.1 FM), KPOO (89.5 FM), KHDC (90.9), and WZBC (90.3 FM).

         Feb 10 2011

Still continuing studio work on the rest of the album, but there have been constant interruptions and delays. I expect this to remain the case for a while, as my job and personal life are demanding a lot of my time, and the "To Do" list is a mile long.

The focus on finishing recording will intensify as the radio campaign ramps up.

The new track (Let It Go) is almost finished, all during a minor overhaul of the studio, along with all of the other wonderful distractions known as "life".

The next few tracks may be quicker, as they will not involve extensive production experiments and re-writing and re-arrangements as the last tracks were done. Some will be the tracks from the Omani demo, and songs that the band has played live for years, so they are pretty well worked out.

         December 18 2010

OMANI is ending a two month hiatus. No, the album isn't finished yet, but we're talking serious withdrawals here. We miss the fans and the fun so much that we decided to start the new year out right.

So we are teaming up with our good friends One A-Chord ( to do another spectacular reggae showcase at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz on Thursday January 6th 2011.

Also welcoming Randy on drums, as our own beloved Miles Stiler is experiencing major back problems currently, so we wish him a swift recovery. Randy plays with the south bay reggae band San Jose Rockers:

         September 19 2010

New Single Released: POSITIVITY
The title track of the forthcoming Omani album.
Stay tuned for more ....

Now Available on itunes, Amazon, Emusic, Rhapsody, Napster, ShockHound, Zune, and ReverbNation

          SUMMER 2010 UPDATE

The Omani recording process allows full exploration of creativity with the arrangements and production, and a maintained concentration on the many finer details of the song at hand. When all ideas and experiments have been tested to the hearts content, it all can come together like pieces of puzzle with a nice tight fit.

Please note that there is no specific release date. No need to rush to meet a deadline. It will be ready when it's ready. Singles may be released as they are finished. The goal is to finish an album or two and have product(s) to promote. Then the focus will be back to live performance at music events and promoting the music of Omani.

If you wish to learn more about Omani or are interested in booking, please use the Contact Us link above.

         Some Of Our Favorite Shows from 2010

2010 brought some good shows on the peninsula and in the South Bay San Jose area as well as Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Vintage Wine Merchants Grand Tasting Event
We almost melted, but it was a lot of fun and the event was sold out (400 tickets). All in support of the Pajama Program:

Jack London Square - Urban Wine Experience
What an honor to be hired by Yoshi's to perform in Jack London Square at the Pavilion and Plaza Stage. East Bay Vintners Alliance offers an interesting alternative to a drive out to wine country. OMANI provided the uplifting reggae music for the event.

Mushroom Mardis Gras 2010
OMANI headlined the Music Tree stage which features original music in a variety of genres, at the Morgan Hill classic annual event celebrating fungi.

Celebrate 3rd Street
Rides, games, food, music, all to commemorate the grand re-opening of Third Street in downtown Morgan Hill CA, presented by the Morgan Hill Downtown Association. OMANI kicked off the evening festivities to mark the transition from the more family friendly daytime activities and bands, to the summer evening concert event.

NetApp Family Funfest 2010
This was fun. An employee family event at NetApp in Sunnyvale. We were happy to be invited back, and this time was a little different than last time. It was a family event, with a strong emphasis on being kid friendly. Jumpy house, clowns, pony rides, and Omani even provided several games of "Musical Chairs" during our sets. Great variety of options for tasty food and drinks, and we were especially impressed (again) that they had very environmentally friendly plates and cups and utensils (all biodegradable). Also plenty of recycle bins for all non trash, instead of going the easy route and having only garbage cans. In the employee cafeteria there was a strong emphasis on recycling, conservation, sustainability present in the signage, and they had a wide variety of hot food, sandwiches and salads, dozens of bottled drinks, fountain drinks (pepsi varieties, coke varieties, juices galore, teas and coffees .....) Wow! No wonder it's been voted best place to work in countless surveys over and over. We look forward to our next private show.

Pier 23 in SF
What a great show we had at Pier 23 with Tony Moses and Edi Fitzroy. Everybody was having a great time and we truly appreciated the kindness and support we received. We will be working on more Bay Area shows so we can continue this kind of show. The fans were awesome! Thanks for your support. Phils top favorite show ever!

Moe's Alley in SC
OMANI opens up for an area exclusive performance by the Itals featuring Keith Porter backed the Vitals Band. What an honor and privilege to share the stage with another true Legend.

Sly McFly's on Cannery Row in Monterey
What an honor to be one of the very few reggae bands to ever play at Sly's, and the only reggae band to play there in years. Packed house and good times all the way around.

Check out Reggae Cafe on Island 98.5 FM Hawaii